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Odoo is Providing Simple and Fast Application for Companies

What is Odoo?


Odoo is probably the most used software for SMBs (Small and Medium Sized Business) in the world. It is designed with simplicity and elegance. What makes Odoo so popular? The success of Odoo is in two words: Fast start and simplicity.

Odoo is Simple, Starting is Super Fast

The user interface of Odoo is designed for anyone to use and adopt easily. An invoice created at Odoo looks like your physical invoice!. Your companies sale process is viewed by phases on a Kanban (you can take a look at our blog section for more articles on Kanban) view. Even the products at Odoo is seen by photos instead of dummy data lines.

Is Odoo Enough for All My Needs?

Odoo, includes thousands of modules developed by independent software individuals and companies worldwide. Eventhough you can simply start with basic modules like Sales, Purchase, Inventory and Accounting. You can add modules whenever you want. Because of Odoo's modular architecture, it is used by a lot of companies and organizations in the world. 

How much does it costs?

Odoo give the opportunity to manage your company with a little cost. The software is Open Source which means is you can simply start with a small budget for services. No license fees, no maintenance cost etc. If you don't have a server computer in your company you can easily use it on the cloud computers. Because of its simplicity training and user adoption costs are also minimum.

Where to start then?

Selensoft, is providing Odoo services. Our expertise on ERPs and Enterprise Applications Market makes us a powerful Odoo implementor. We use Odoo at our own company. We advice our customers to use it. We finish successful Odoo implementations for our clients. So, why don't you call us NOW.

 Odoo Products Screen

Odoo Invoice Screen

Odoo Sales Report