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BPM & ERP Platform



Capturing your requirements is the first step we take to cater to you better. Our discovery process is based on enterprise best practices applied in an agile manner: (Brown Paper) Business Process Modeling and Service Oriented Architecture. We build a strategy that will work best for your business by understanding the IT context of your company. This is an interactive phase that includes workshops, demonstrations and documentation. The purpose is to give you an idea of what we envision your enterprise can achieve powered by our solutions. 

Once we define the baseline specifications for your business processes and the solution architecture we deliver your implementation backlog. This is a valuable decision making tool to define scope and budget for your first project. By capturing the processes and the enabling “services”, our customers are able to visualize the as-is and to-be plans. With that fundament we can better manage planning, execution and transition to a new solution.

Proof of Concept (POC)

Learn about Openbravo’s feasibility and what it can do for your business. You can validate Openbravo as a platform to invest in. This use of proof of concept helps establish viability, technical issues, and overall direction, as well as providing feedback for budgeting and other forms of internal decision making processes. POC gives you an idea about  how two systems might be integrated or that a certain throughput can be achieved with a given configuration. Our customers are offered complete transparency in order to reduce the amount of uncertainty involved with a new project or acquisition.

ERP Implementations

Today's enterprises demand flexible, commercial grade open source platforms to support their critical processes. Open standards are crucial in a world where connectivity counts. SelenSoft delivers solutions based on Openbravo ERP, Magento eCommerce and other best of breed open source/open standards based software platforms. Our consultants are business process-smart with software expertise to deliver the right solutions to clients in different industries.


We guide our customers towards best practices where possible. However every business has its quirks and every customer has its unique way of dealing with its target customers. We have our team of experienced business analysts and developers ready to customize to your needs. Open software code and open standards allow us to deliver connectivity with external applications, enhanced User Interfaces or custom workflows.