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Finished Projects with Openbravo ERP

Unilever Iran - Warehouse Management System

We finished a full automated Warehouse Management System with Openbravo ERP. Project includes all hardware selection, tests and implementation. All warehouse operations developed with Openbravo mobile. It is been used at main warehouse of Unilever Iran located at Qazin. Deatiled information about the project can be found here.

Finished Projects with ProcessMaker BPM.


Servier,  is a multinational pharmaceutical company operating in 148 countries. We implemented documentation and media approval processes for the companies Turkey branch. Project is live since 2017 spring.

T.C. İstanbul Kültür University - Documents Recording System

İKU is one of the major private universities in Turkey. We implemented documents cycle process for Kültür University. Docmunet flows between each departments, recording meta data about the documents, filtering and reporting is done with ProcessMaker BPM. Project is live since 2015 summer. 

ElectroKavir Group, is a group company located in Iran and countries nearby. Electrokavir selected Processmaker to be used group wide in critical processes like Sales Material Take Off, and Customer Support. Selensoft proudly cooperated in the project as consultant and trainer since 2015 spring.

Üsküdar Municipality - Cleaning and Construction Department 

Uskudar is one of the major municipalities in Istanbul, Turkey. We implemented customer support and business tracking processes for both Cleaning and Construction department.ProcessMaker is integrated with 6 internal system like CRM, Finance, etc. Project run live between 2012-2015.

Ergil Group - Procurement Processes

Ergil Group is a machine producer company located in two cities, İstanbul and Mersin. We implemented an end to end procurement system with ProcessMaker for the company. The project is live since 2013. 

Tekno Group - Delivery Tracking Process

Tekno is a group company based in Istanbul, Turkey. Sub companies using ProcessMaker are: Tekno Ray Solar, Tekno Mac Afferri, Tekno Consturction, Tekno Machinery, Tekno Energy, Tekno Industry. We implemented a delivery tracking system for the company. The project is live since 2015.


TAIB Bank - IT Helpdesk and Information Security Processes

Taib Yatırımbank, is a small bank based in Istanbul, Turkey. We implemented IT Helpdesk Process and IT Security processes for the company. Project is live since 2015.


Başoğlu Kablo ve Profil A.Ş. - Customer Visits Process


Procons Construction - Travel Ticket Request Process

Procons is a construction company operating in Russia. We implemented a flight ticket request and procurement process for them. As the company has parallel construction sites around the region, this was a major problem to solve. 


Finished Projects with Kanboard - Kanban Task Management System

Sulfert Kimya - Kimtar Kimya Gübre Madencilik 

We implemented a Task Management system with Kanboard for the company.